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West Chulu Peak Climbing

Why West Chulu Peak Climbing?

One of the only few ‘trekking peaks’ that lies in the western region of Nepal, Chulu West is a part of a Manang Himal in the Annapurna Conservation Area. Standing at the impressive height of 6491 m. it is one of the highest trekking peaks in Nepal, too. The recent years has seen this peak become one of the most popular destination among amateur climbers and experienced trekkers alike having their expectations of a great challenge and an exciting adventure fulfilled.

Chulu West is one of the two Chulu Peaks in the region. Although the East Chulu, the other Chulu, is considered a bid harder peak to conquer, this western peak is famous for its long, arduous and slow ascent, demanding more stamina and physical prowess from its climbers. Similarly, the peak, while not known to challenge the climbers’ technical skill, could result in some hazardous outcome without some rudimentary knowledge on it, too. Hence, it is one of the few expeditions that could be a perfect practice for any new climbers before their future adventures in the Himalayan mountains; a great start to building their confidence.

Chulu Peak tour gives its climbers some of the most beautiful sight in the world. It is considered one of the best peaks in the Annapurna region in itself, and its peak holds breathtaking sights of the great mountains and beautiful valleys in the South and Tibet in the north. The trek to the base camp follows the beautiful and world-famous Annapurna Circuit trail, hence beautiful landscapes and wild sceneries are not just the thing of imagination. The climbers can experience the culture and traditions of the local ethnic groups, their art and cuisines, their general ways of life, and so much more. The tour would indeed be an experience of the lifetime.