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Reason to Pokhara City Tour

Nestled in the lap of the great Annapurna Mountain range with an iconic Fishtail mountain as its landmark, Pokhara is a beautiful valley filled with natural wonders. Encircled by the verdant hills and majestic mountains, Pokhara flamboyantly flaunts its rich topography and nature with magnificent falls, calm and beautiful lakes, spooky caves, delightful sunrise and sunsets, turbulent rivers, and the picturesque arrays mountains. Added to the fact that it lies just 200 km. from the Kathmandu, the Pokhara valley has been one of the best cities for a tourist to sight-see and frolic.

Any visitors to the Pokhara is greeted by the sight of splendid Fishtail mountain upon arrival, with the huge Phewa lake being another unignorable hallmark of the city. People can take a stroll along its edge or pay for boat ride to enjoy the calming waters. To reach the Barahi temple in the middle of the lake and pray in front of the shrine is quite an experience, too. Apart from the phewa lake, people have dozens of other places to visit. There are other famous lakes as in Begnas and Rupa just outside the city, the famous Davis fall, Gupteshwor and Mahendra caves, Seti river gorge, International Mountaineering Museum, some popular hindu shrines and Buddhist monasteries, and the list just goes on. Tourists can take a few minutes ride to Sarangkot for the splendid view of the mountains and, of course, the sunrise and sunset. In addition to these, Pokhara provides the visitors to take part in quite a few extreme sports—paragliding, canyoning, bungee jumping being few of them. People can take a walk in the lakeside city in the evening and enjoy the vibrant environment and spectacular night-life; lakeside, as people would eventually conclude, is a perennial romantic city. Pokhara tour indeed is certainly a hectic one with so many things to see and do.

It goes without saying that the Pokhara tour while being a short excursion, is one of the most fulfilling city tours anyone can do in Nepal. With amazing sights and equally amazing hospitality of the people, this is a marvellous destination for a getaway—the trip that pays really well.