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Pokalde Peak Climbing

Reasons to Pokalde Peak Climbing

One of the peaks in the list of ‘trekking peaks of Nepal’, Pokalde Peak humbly stands among some of its biggest brethren with an impressive height of 5806 m. in the famous Khumbu region. While not quite the highest or even the hardest, the peak has nevertheless been a source of euphoric feeling amongst the adventurous trekkers and amateur mountaineers who have managed to scale it successfully.

Occasionally referred to as Dolma Ri, Pokalde is one of the shortest and easiest peaks to conquer in Nepal. Given a good weather and a good physical fitness, the ascent is most likely to go without a hitch. The climb is just 650m of height from its base camp requiring little to no technical sophistication, too—the main reason for the ever-increasing number of the peak climbers. All in all, Pokalde is a great destination for any adventurous trekkers and, of course, amateur climbers.

The aesthetic value of Pokalde expedition shouldn’t be overlooked either. It follows the fantastic Everest Base Camp trail before moving past the Kalapatthar to reach the peak. The trek, bejeweled with the magnificent blue lakes and high mountain passes, gives the climbers an exquisite view of some of the highest mountains in the Himalayas; some of them being the Everest, the Lhotse, the Makalu, etc. The trek is difficult, yes, but endlessly satisfying to partake in.