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Pisang Peak Climbing

Experiencing Pisang Peak Climbing

With a height of magnificent 6091 m. Pisang peak stands defiantly in Northern Annapurna Region. It is steep with significant sections of ice and snow, arduous to conquer, and requires its climbers to have prior experience in mountaineering; if mountains could be smug it would probably have that expression all over its face enforcing its grandiosity to all the climbers attempting to scale it. It is indeed a true test for any mountaineers new to the Himalayas, their first true test.

In spite of the peak being awfully difficult, it hasn’t deterred any climbers to shy away from the challenge. In fact, quite the opposite. Hundreds of climber ascent the peak for the great adventure and thrilling experience. As the trail to the peak follows the Annapurna circuit, the prospect of climbing the peak gets even more exciting. The trail sees through a beautiful river and mountain valleys; deep gorges, majestic lakes and thick outgrowths; flowery green meadows; among some masterpieces of nature. The entire trail is endlessly refreshing. Then comes the view from the peak itself—the sight of the great mountain ranges such as Annapurna and the Dhaulagiri, together with countless other snow-clad peaks, is unbelievably gratifying.

Pisang Peak climbing is an experience that will fill you with unforgettable moments. It is a peak of true challenge and the journey of unparallel beauty; a true Himalayan journey.