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Patan Durbar Square

Explore Patan Durbar Square

Patan is a short drive of less than 30 minutes which is a different district within the valley. It is also known as Lalitpur, "City of Beauty", and its unique Durbar Squares, temples, alleys, cuisine, hospitality and religious tolerance justify the pre-historic status of the city. Patan has numerous cafe, pubs, and shops, that offer Buddha's, exotic, handmade brass sculpture at very reasonable price. Almost everyone who comes to Kathmandu also visits Patan’s spectacular Durbar Sq – even after the 2015 earthquake, this remains the finest collection of temples and palaces in the whole of Nepal. At Lalitpur or Patan observe and enjoy the local colorful busy bazaar teemed with daily traditional life an interesting to witness local culture. Some of the places of interest around Patan are as follows:

1) Patan Durbar Square: Patan durbar consists of three main courtyards: Mulchowk, Sundarichowk and Keshav Narayan Chowk. Mulchowk is the oldest one and is at the centre of Patan is the famous visiting place. The square is full of ancient places, temples, and shrines noted for their exquisite is also right in the middle of the overall heritage zone of Patan city making it an excellent area to base yourself from during a visit. Though Patan Durbar Square is the smallest of all durbar squares it is often referred to as the most beautiful of all.

2) Krishna temple: The elegant shikhara-style temple is ranked as one of the gems of Durbar Square. The temple is completely made up of stone and the carvings are finer than the ones of other smaller Krishna temple at Patan Durbar Square. The temple is usually opened at all times and during the festival of Krishna Janmashtami, large numbers of devotees throng at the square to offer worships to Lord Krishna.

3) Mahaboudha: Located to the south of Patan Durbar Square the Mahaboudha temple, also known as the temple of thousand and eight buddhas, is one of several popular attractions of culture worth stopping by to see if you walk around this old Newari city. The temple is loosely modelled on the Mahabouddha Temple at Bodhgaya in India, where the Buddha gained enlightenment. To reach the Mahabouddha Temple, you must walk southeast from Durbar Sq along Hakha Tole, passing a series of small Vaishnavite and Shaivite temples.

4) Tibetian refugee camp: Tibetan Refugee camp located on the south of Patan area near the only Nepal Zoo, where one can observe the happy-cheerful workers weaving carpets. you see the women first hand making their rugs and wall hangings. You may go and visit the store of which the money goes back into the community.

5) The Ashoka stupas: The Ashoka stupas are worth a quick visit, especially during the auspicious full moon of August when Buddhist and Tibetan pilgrims walk around all four stupas in a single day. The Stupas have been constructed according to Buddhist Architecture. It has a circular base and hemispherical-shaped dome. Each of the four stupas is different from another.

6) Patan industrial estate: Located outside the city suburb near the Stupa at Lagankhel, an interesting place to visit and shopping for souvenirs is from Patan industrial estate. Don't miss this place If u want to buy some good handicrafts than do it here. Thanka, woodcarving and copper statues, this is the best place. There also a few very nice temples in those streets. You have to pay entree for this square buts it’s worth the money.

7) Keshav Nayaran chowk: The residential palace compound of Keshav Narayan Chowk houses the museum dates from 1734, displacing a Buddhist monastery that is still remembered in an annual public rite on the palace is on the northern part with Degutale temple and is the site of the earliest Malla palace in Patan, the Chowk sits on the older foundations of a Buddhist monastery.