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Reason to Paraglding In Nepal

Flying in the air probably has been the most fascinating concept throughout the human history. But the capability that has been immortalized in the myths and lore as explicit to the gods and goddesses has been a human reality since the turn of the twentieth century. The dream has finally been fulfilled: we have now successfully conquered the air. But is sitting in a luxurious seat inside a big hollow metal that fulfilling, though? It certainly is exciting but fulfilling is not the word that aptly describes the experience.

Paragliding in Nepal is tempting prospect for any adrenaline junkies who truly intend to conquer the air. It is for the ones who cherish the nature to its truest sense, too: it is an opportunity to soar high in the sky with nothing but the wind as an ally and griffins, hawks, and eagles as companions; to fly above the beautiful valleys and verdant forests and savor the magnificent views of beautiful lakes; and last but not least, to imbibe the majestic sight of the great Himalayan Range. In addition to the natural aesthetics, the world-famous valleys of Pokhara and Kathmandu are famous for their stable thermals, cheap prices, and suitable take-off and landing spot—the ideal components for a good paragliding site. Pokhara is, in fact, one of the top five commercial tandem paragliding locations in the world.

Since the inception of paragliding in Nepal in 1995, Nepal offers numerous paragliding locations through numerous paragliding agencies for anyone who loves the rush of adrenaline inside them. With a choice of solo flights for the experts or the flights with the world class pilots for the beginners, anyone with the desire for an aerial experience could come for a flight. The experience, undoubtedly, would be the a memorable one.