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Naya Kanga (Ganja) Peak Climbing

Why Naya Kanga Ganja Peak Climbing ?

Situated at the heart of the Himalayas, Naya Kanga is a gorgeous looking peak at the northern part of the Langtang region. Although not the highest, the struggle to reach its base camp and the difficulty of the climb in itself makes the peak a challenging quest, suitable only for the hardened adventurers and daring climbers. Considered one of the most satisfying climbs among the ‘Trekking peaks’, this a perfect expedition for any stout-hearted people.

Naya Kanga, sometimes also referred to as Ganja Peak, exist with a formidable height of 5844 m. in a perfect solitude, just north of the Kathmandu valley. Despite the high frequency of the trekkers through the trail to the base camp of the peak, the unavailability of the tea-houses after mid-way, in addition to the difficult topographical structure keeps the peak in almost solitude. The trail is beautiful with the abundance of floras and faunas, dense forests, beautiful land structures, innumerable waterfalls and the beautiful flower-covered pastures. The trek to the Ganja La pass (5122 m.) is an amazing experience too if a bit tiring. But none of this could top the view that the summit gives: with a magnificent panoramic view of the Langtang Lirung, the Dorje Lakpa, the Manaslu range, the Annapurna range, the Sishapangma (at Tibet), and other mountains incite the most exciting yet peaceful feeling in one’s heart.

Naya Kanga peak is an ideal peak to climb for anyone who enjoys solitude and adventure. The peak is difficult, challenging and suffices rudimentary technical knowledge on mountaineering—a perfect blend of features in a mountain for a beginner at mountaineering. Thus, it could perfectly be the first mountain expedition for any new climbers or one of the many daring adventures for adventure-traveller.