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Mardi Peak Climbing

Reasons to Mardi Peak Climbing

Located less than 15 miles north of Pokhara valley, Mardi Himal is a mountain within the Annapurna region which summits at 5587 m. The peak faces the south face of the Annapurna range alongside the Fishtail mountain which are narrowly separated by a col and lies across a valley from the Hiunchuli mountain. The mountain, though scaled less frequently, is famous among the climbers new to the mountaineering in the Himalayas.

Mardi expedition is one of the shortest and easiest peak climbing with respect to others in Nepal, making it an ideal peak for the maiden scale of summit in the Himalayas for the beginners. Although a good physical fitness is paramount, the ascent being less technical facilitates any aspiring mountaineers to successfully summit the peak. In addition to this, the expedition does not require any royalty to pay, which makes it significantly cheaper than other mountain expeditions.

Mardi Peak Expedition takes the climbers through the Annapurna region giving them a chance to imbibe the beauty of the wild oaks, rhododendron and bamboo filled forests, enchanting mountain and river valleys, colourful grassy meadows, and the sight of tall, majestic mountains. At the summit, climbers can have the unimpeded view of the whole Annapurna Range, Manaslu peak (8156 m.), Dhaulagiri peak (8167 m.) and one of the most beautiful mountain peaks in the world—the Fishtail. The expedition, quite frankly, is other-worldly experience.