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Mardi Himal Trek

Mardi Himal Trek

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  • 10 days
  • Strenuous
  • 4500m
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Sonali Dixit
I have been visiting Nepal annually since 2010 and have trekked almost all mainstream destinations. It was the vacation of 2017 and I along with my wife had made it to the Mardi Himal and I am still intrigued by those ridges and mighty peaks. Anyone who is visiting Nepal right after the winter. I strongly suggest Mardi trek before all other destinations. Thank you! Have a great time in Nepal.


– Khim Bahadur Chhetri [Ghumante]
Walked 8/9 hours a day back in May 2018, we groups of Nepalese young countryside lads completed two ways trip to Mardi from Pokhara, the lake city and paradise of Nepal. This was one of the easy trips but we made it quite strenuous as we have to complete it in just 3 days. Damn, it was so hard to sleep at last night in Pokhara but every time we remember we tend to end up with nothing but a huge smile. :) Namaste from Nepal and you all are welcome to this piece of paradise located in the lap of Himalayas.


Lucas Pedro
We, our family decided to visit Nepal and we surfed the internet for quick and solid information about Nepal. And we ended up reading enticing blogs at and choosing Mardi Himal trek as our first excursion in Nepal. Unfortunately, our youngest son had some food and water problems but at last, we all made to High camp. I am so thankful to Nepal Call You and to all Nepalese out there. Can't wait to stroll again there.


--渡辺ひなた [Hinata Watanabe]
It was wonderful to spend overnight at the foothills of Mt. Fishtail and Mardi Himal. The one and only thing about this trek I adore the most is ‘ Walking through the ridges and beautiful trails via lush green vegetation accompanied by Rhododendron forests.’
Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek

Mardi Himal Base Camp Trek

If you are in search of a trekking that costs you less effort and time, you’ve come to the right place. Not only Mardi Himal Trekking requires minimum effort, but it is one of the shortest mountain treks in Nepal. This hidden trail situated just east to Annapurna Base Camp trek leads you to the base of Mardi Himal and the stunning Machapuchhre (Fishtail). There are several short and long ascends during the trip to this mountain. About a long week trip in the Himalayas, you will come across an impressive landscape walking along the hidden trails in the Annapurna region. Mardi Himal at the elevation of 5,587 m above the mean sea level is believed to be an easy target even for non- professional climbers. Up until you reach the elevation of 3,300 m, you will walk through the dense rhododendron forest which is absolutely stunning especially during March- April and as the elevation rises, the landscapes change. There are small teahouse and lodges along the route which provides very simple facilities as it takes you past remote and hidden paths in Annapurna. It goes through the old stone built villages and finally at 3,580 m, you will reach the highest sleeping point at High Camp which offers astonishing views of Mardi Himal, Annapurna South and Machapuchhre.

For decade-long, trekkers have adored Mardi Himal route. There is less number of guesthouses with only basic provisions even in the recent days. It has only been few years that these guesthouses are established for trekkers. Efforts have been put to build new lodges and teahouses along the trail with better facilities to attract more people. Mardi Himal Base Camp is the highest point of the trek; however the entire Annapurna Mountain range can be seen as soon as you reach the High Camp. At 2,990 m in Low Camp is the best spot to get a virtual view of Machapuchhre. The three popular mountains- Fishtail (6,993 m), Annapurna South (7,010 m) and Mt. Hiunchuli (6,441 m) are the main highlights of this Mardi Himal expedition. The journey begins approaching Pitam Deurali from Pokhara, a two and half hours of walk. Moving ahead is 3-4 hrs of trek per day till you stand at Mardi Himal Base Camp at 4,500 m which is a continuous day hike of 6-7 hrs from Low Camp (2,990 m). Usually, on the fifth day, you will step at the Mardi Himal Base Camp. While descending down, it will take same 6 or 7 hours to make it to High Camp. Acclimatization will not be an issue in this trek since trekkers get sufficient time to rest plus it is normally 3-4 hours of walk everyday which is normal even to the new trekkers.

To choose to trek Mardi Himal is easier than arranging it. What you need to do is first decide whether you are going individually or in a group, then accordingly select a package online although it is recommended that you check out Nepali companies or travel agencies online. In addition to being cheaper in price, they are reliable and accurate with the information as well. Another best thing to do is booking in person. It is comparatively more reliable and cost effective as you can at least bargain the rates if not much. Now regarding the packages, generally very less population come to travel independently and so companies have better options for those who come in a group. For example, itinerary is fixed in package for group and includes permits, ports and accommodation with food. One thing about group package is that they can even extend the trek which could be both good and bad depending on the type of trek. An extended trek is necessary for high altitude treks when trekkers need time to acclimatize. Mardi Himal trekking does not need to be extended except if you require a longer stay at lodge for some reasons. Plus, extended Mardi Himal trek doesn’t have much to offer. It is essential that you know your guide is professional and up to date about the mountains. If possible, meet them beforehand and build a good rapport, after all in mountains, you are at his hand. Make sure you have communicated right information to your group. Let them know what’s included in the package. In case of solo travelers, they get to save them costs a little more because they can bargain from hiring an independent guide to getting a room and ordering food. For veteran climbers, it is not so big of a deal to do independent trekking. It is not a difficult job at all to locate a place to rest in Mardi Himal. The only hectic side is that unlike in group package, here you will have to arrange everything by yourself from getting permits to booking a room in a guesthouse and ordering food. You will have to look after you and your properties throughout the journey up and down the mountains.

There is always certain seasons for mountaineering in Nepal. Similarly, Mardi Himal trek also has its peak seasons that every guide recommends their trekkers. September to December is the first preferred month by the visitors followed by February till April, a dry season which gives clear view of the mountains. From November to January, sky will supposedly be clear but there is no guarantee of passes being blocked by snow. August and September is strongly advised for not trekking since it is a monsoon season and has high risk of downpours resulting to avalanche even. Some essential items to carry for Mardi Himal trekking are: a strong pair of hiking boots, a windcheater jacket, rubber sandals, map and water bottles. A total of 6-7 days trekking to the Mardi Himal Base Camp does not require all trekkers to be professional and skilled. The only difficult section is the last non-stop six hours of hike from High Camp to the base camp. There has not been any record of failure in trekking so far. People of different ages from around the world have successfully experienced the glory of trekking and climbing Mardi Himal. However, always carry a small safety kit just in case. Mardi Trekking is one of many exciting treks in Nepal which is introduced not long ago. It is a newly established trek with fewer crowds visiting the territory. In case if you are a nature lover and prefer a peaceful expedition, this is your chance. Experience lifetime moments getting lost in glacier wilderness, crackling branches as you walk through Rhododendron forests and white snow-capped mountains towering around you.