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Makalu Base Camp Trek

Reasons to Makalu Base Camp Trek

In contrast to the hustle and bustle one can see in most of the Nepalese tea-house trekking routes, the trek to the Makalu Base Camp is quiet and peaceful. The serene mountain air, beautiful waterfalls and the titanic snow-capped mountains induce a sense of humility to any travellers and cause them to appreciate the grandiosity of nature. It is no wonder why this particular route is famous among solitary travellers.

The trek follows a scenic route to the Base Camp through the beautiful villages and terraced fields in the beginning to the great mountain valleys, pastures, rivers, glaciers, and mountain pass towards the end of the trek. The beautiful Barun Valley right in the lap of the Himalayas, with its beautiful high waterfalls and colourful fields, is a sight to behold. Arun Valley too, it being the region with largest numbers of migratory birds. Similarly, the trek gives its visitors a majestic view of four of the five highest peaks in the world; as in, the Everest, the Kanchenjungha, the Lhotse and the Makalu.

Like many other trekking routes in Nepal, Makalu Base Camp trek introduces unique ethnic communities to the trekkers. It passes through many Rai and Limbu communities of Nepal, the ethnic groups predominant to the Eastern hilly and mountainous region. Visitors can expect warm hospitality and experience their unique way of lifestyle, their culture and their fascinating traditions. Hence, the Makalu Base Camp trek couldn’t be anything less than the best and a great backpacking destination.