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Heli Tour
US $ 1100
Everest Base Camp Helicopter Flight Landing Tour

Everest Base Camp Helicopter F.

Everest Experience & Assistance

  • 4 hrs
  • Easy
  • 5300 M
Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour

An indelible, luxurious as well as thrilling affair with the soaring Himalayas of Nepal. Witness the surreal beauty of Nepal as like by a flying bird. :)

Helicopter Ride in Nepal offers you guys with an exclusive and ample opportunity so that visitors coming Nepal sprawl in the grandeur of nature and mountains. This ride can guarantee a feast for the eyes as well as food for hungry as well as disrupted soul accompanied by jaw-dropping as well as birds’ eye vistas of snow-clad peaks, glaciated passes and lakes, quaint human settlements and panoramic landscapes. Nepal Calls You offer we you, unforgettable travel experience with the chopper ride in Nepal.

Nepal is more than just trekking and expedition. It can provide you guys with the mega listicles of events and activities with joy, fun, and adventure at the same time. We want you to imagine aerial sightseeing in and around the pristine country on Earth which is undoubtedly ‘god-gifted.' Aerial sightseeing packages in Nepal over the heritages, Durbar square, serene freshwater lakes, and tourist spots are quite trendy these days. Nepal Calls You recommends you to undertake your helicopter trip by the best helicopters that give you a phenomenal experience as a matter of your safety and satisfaction because we believe you are investing in it. Hence, it should satisfy you at any cost. Helicopter tour in Nepal will be undoubtedly memory triggering for the lifetime and the best reward to oneself.

If you wonderful bunch of people have a limited time frame in your comfort zone or you don’t like to hike upward and descend downward. If so, the helicopter tour/trek can be an apt decision to shorten the trips, which takes longer days to happen via lands/treks.

Book this trip and hover above the towering white peaks and UNESCO World heritage sites representing Nepal. Flying around the Himalayan ranges in a parallel fashion is something you don't want to miss.