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Canyoning In Nepal

Experience the thrill of Canyoning In Nepal

Canyoning is possibly one of the best water-sport to participate in. Safe and relatively easy, it is one of the few activities that even young kids and senior citizens can enjoy. To abseil down a slippery, almost vertical path of waterfalls with constant bombardment of cool fresh water in the face is truly thrilling and marvellous experience. The splendid natural settings of such canyoning spots with beautiful steep hills, deep gorge and deep pools at the bottom makes the experience even better. As they say, more the merrier.

Being a country of hills and mountains, Nepal has a plethora of river, cliffs and canyons which are perfect for a great water-sports; canyoning being one of them. Nepal offers numerous picturesque spots, far away from the ruckus of the outside world, for canyoning to the thrill-seekers; some of the famous destination being Jalbire canyon in Chitwan, Ghalel village in Kaski, and Charaudi canyon in Dhading. Canyoning in particular is famous among people as they could participate in other forms of water sport as in rafting, kayaking and bungee jumping. Any visitors new to the water sport can hence book them in the package along with canyoning to make the experience even better and complete.