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Bungee Jumping In Nepal

Explore Bungee Jumping In Nepal

Nepal might be famous as the home of the magnificent mountains, but it is equally famous amongst the thrill-seekers in need for extreme sports—one of those being a bungee jump. Having much of its land being covered by the high hills and mountains, it isn’t that hard to imagine for it to have two of the world famous bungee jumping spots: the Bhotekoshi gorge near the Nepal-Tibet border and Hemja at Pokhara near the Tibetan camp. Bhotekoshi in particular is one of the highest bungee jumping spots in the world, with jaw-dropping 166 m. in height.

Despite bungee jumping being regarded as an extreme sport designed for the most stout-hearted people, the risk of any unfortunate accidents has been zero to this date. Since it is closely monitored by the experts in the bungee jumping and the bungee itself being designed and tested by the highly skilled bungee consultants, people can try it with utmost confidence and only the thrill of the free-fall in mind. As the locations are set in the most scenic landscapes, jumpers can marvel at the beauty of the wild forests, quaint and beautiful villages, enchanting vies of the great mountains, and the roaring white-water rivers, too. Quite frankly, bungee jumping in Nepal is the best in the world in every sense; an experience that is bound to leave a lasting impression in ones mind.