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Majority of Nepalese population lives in village sides. In Nepal, more than 70% of the total area is covered by rural landscapes which means about 20% is covered by urban life. To avoid the hustle and bustle of metropolitan chaos, one can easily access rustic setting of life from any city in Nepal within few hours of ride/drive. Many trekking, hiking, and Home-stay visit packages are in operation by various touring agencies.

Village exploration is a great deed in Nepal. It gives tourists a magical opportunity to observe rural accommodation, their way of life, culture and rituals too from a closer look.  We can learn many new and strange things from their daily chores. They are proficient in using the natural products to the fullest. They are the real example of how people can find joys in simple things.

Starting from 50m at plains of Terai people in Nepal are sustaining their life up to 4000m above the sea level making some highest human settlement in the world. It's totally incredible to know about these kinds of diversities. Villagers are more dependent on agriculture, animal husbandry, fruit and flower farming, poultry and fish farming. Good news is they are nowadays attracted to " Community Home-stays".

Most famous village tours in Nepal:

  1. Sirubaari Village
  2. Ghandruk
  3. Naagi
  4. Balthali
  5. Chitlang
  6. Dhulikhel
  7. Dhungkhakra
  8. Ghale Gaaun
  9. Bhakunde