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Transportation in Nepal

Tip: Use Google Map if accessible or for offline navigation well-indexed map of Nepal.

In Nepal, you can find various means of transportation like from the local bus to private or reserved cabs and taxis. However, this may not be always the same in case of trans-Himalayan as well as Himalayan region as these places are still on the mission to be connected with National Road Network.
The work is going on. Let’s hope for its smooth completion. :) According to your budget and need, you can have few choices in Nepal regarding the vehicles.

Some modes of transportation are described below:

1. Local Bus:
If you have time so that you can wait for one to two hours than you can use this mode of transportation. Nevertheless, you may have to struggle for comfort. We mean you need to adjust in public vehicles. On the other hand, it is the cheapest and amazing mode to travel, indulge with local which can give you the local authentic vibes.

2. Long Route Bus:
These buses are those types of vehicles leaving for different parts of the country from Kathmandu. Both day and night services are available with affording fare. We can get those types of out-of-valley heading vehicles at New Buspark at Gongabu, Kathmandu. Private reservation can be done for more comfortable and smaller vehicles in this route. However, price can be high.

3. Tourist Bus:
In comparison to local buses, these buses are more comfortable as well as clean as they are operated by different tours and travel agencies. There is a seat guarantee for everybody on the bus. And when it comes to size these are quite bigger and wider than local buses hence require more wider roads to travel. In addition to this, they have more comfortable seats.

4. Rickshaw:
These are suitable for short trip or excursion like 2 or 3 km distance. If are free of backpacks and luggage, you can try this one.

5. Tempo:
These are generally operated inside big cities like Kathmandu, Butwal, Pokhara, Biratnagar and best for short distances.

6. Cab:
Cabs can be hired mostly in night when other modes are likely to be unavailable. These are a bit expensive, faster and cozy than others. We recommend you guys to bargain if you can. :p

7. Bikes:
You can hire both mountain bikes as well as motorbikes as per your need and comfort in Nepal. If you are interested to explore city, alleys and heritages inside a particular city than bikes can be a good option. While others who wants to hit the road of entire Nepal, they can hire a motorbike especially dual bikes ( both on-road and off-road) are highly recommended. You can deal with different rental services around Kathmandu valley regarding bikes and cars. Payment varies with modes of transportation as well as number of days.

8. Bullock Cart:
As implied by the name, Bullock cart is a typical Terai’s (plains) mode of transportation. Two bullocks are employed to pull the load and handled by a normal farmer. One should not miss this ride during his/her Terai stay in Nepal.

9. By Air: Apart from above-mentioned options, traveling via air and enjoying the bird’s eye view of surreal landscape can be a good treat to oneself during Nepal Visit. There are local flights available offered by Budhha and Yeti airways to some parts of Nepal from Kathmandu, Pokhara, Biratnagar etc. This method of traveling can be opted in case of emergencies or sometimes as a luxury and for a new experience. And lastly, there is also the availability of helicopter services. You can charter if you need it. Also, some companies are providing mountain sight-seeing flights packages.

Local transportation in Kathmandu:
When it comes to local means of transportation in Kathmandu, there are various choices available. We can find all of the above-stated modes except bullocks cart. If you have an offline map or google map, you can easily roam here and most importantly ask more with locals; mainly teenagers. They generally can speak basic English.

Important Tip:
If you wish to skip dense traffics of the capital, Kathmandu than you can hire a motorbike or simply bicycle. With this means, one can roam around the alleys and narrow paths of the valley. It’s more fun and awesome experience. :)