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Traditional Crafts

Famous for wood and stone carvings, beads, Thanka paintings, hand-made masks of deities, pottery, and masonry.

In Nepal to see statues of Gods, Goddesses, temple, and monasteries are mainstream. You can see them almost around the entire nation. Obviously, the handicraft aspects of any nation solely rely upon its religion and culture. Likewise, in Nepal, there are lots of handicraft manufacturing factories. They generally use local materials and give them the unique as well as finest shape by dexterous hands.

Strolling down the alleys of Kathmandu, Bhaktapur, and Lalitpur, a series of handmade items are usually displayed on grounds or around the premises of Durbar squares.  Centuries-old traditional artisans play the vital role to keep the vibes of the capital, Kathmandu. It is highly recommended to all visitors to take a course around Durbar squares' premises for wood carvings, pottery, and masonry.

One can not only observe those well-furnished crafts but also can try and experience their manufacturing process from the scratch in local industries.

Famous crafts from Nepal

  1. Hand-weaved Carpets (Galaicha).
  2. World famous knife; Gurkha Knife called as “Khukuri”.
  3. Thanka Paintings (God’s reflection).
  4. Newari Wood Carvings.
  5. Himalayan Nepalese Paper and Rice Paper
  6. Statues of Hindus and Buddhists’ God and Goddesses.
  7. Household items made from Clay.
  8. Bamboo knitted-umbrella.