Nepal Calls You

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Shopping in Nepal

Nepal offers a plethora of choices to a Shopaholic.

If you are a shopping lover than definitely, you will enjoy shopping in Nepal. It provides you with the myriad of shopping options from traditional attires, artistic metal works, jewellery, puppets, stone- carvings to handicrafts.  Also, you can get tea, trekking gears, Nepali Music instruments like Sarangi, Tunga, Gurkha Knife [Khukuri],  incredible paintings, Thanka,  prayers’ wheel and flags, Singing bowls and many more sculptures.

Shopping around Kathmandu:

Souvenir centres in Kathmandu mainly are New Road, Ason, Thamel (tourists' district), Basantapur Durbar Square, Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Patan, and Jhamsikhel.  You can visit different Bhaatbhateni stores and Malls like Labim, Sherpa, CTC, City Center for further modern stuff. For these locations,  please use Google Map.

Tips regarding Shopping around the capital; Kathmandu: 

  1. Visit New Road and its nearby shops for electronic items, gadgets, and accessories.
  2. Get your trekking gears and authentic Nepali products from Thamel; tourists’ district of the capital.
  3. Handicrafts, stone-carvings, puppets, singing-bowls, and instruments can be purchased from Durbar Squares[Basantapur, Bhaktapur, and Patan].
  4. Traditional attires and clothes are also available in Thamel like Pashmina, Cashmere, hand-knitted woollen hoodies and other plants.
  5. Durbar Squares are also renowned for Paintings and Thankas.
  6. Mad Honey is one of the most sought items by foreigner visiting Nepal, hence we also recommend honey, green tea and ghee (local butter).
  7. Bags and fabrics made from Marijuana and other bio-products are the prime things to buy in Thamel and Jhamsikhel (Jhamel).
  8. Bhaktapur city, an ancient city of medieval period also sits atop when it comes to souvenirs like Nepalese Handicrafts and Rice paper which is used for paintings and writings.
  9. Our second recommendation is Gurkha Knife which is popular worldwide for its bravery called as Khukuri.
  10. Thamel and its premises will surprise you with beads. Don’t forget to check those artisans.


Important Note:

If possible, it’s best to shop in Kathmandu. As goods are shipped from the capital to different nooks and corners of the country, it will cost high.

Okay! We hope you guys are ready to hit the shops of Kathmandu to collect presents to your loved ones.


Tip: Bargain if you can. :)