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Safety in the Mountains

Above 2500 meters above the sea-level is generally considered as “ high altitude” where trekkers and hikers may have some breathing problems. Hence we should be more conscious and aware when it comes to Altitude Sickness because it can be “life-threatening”.

Therefore every trekker must have little bit idea of altitude sickness as well as safety measures in Mountains.

Acute Mountain Sickness [AMS]

It is a negative health effect due to high altitude caused by low amount of oxygen.

Basic symptoms:
a. Headache
b. Vomiting
c. Tiredness
d. Dizziness
e. Trouble sleeping

Curing Measures of AMS:
1. Stop going higher instead have a rest and drinks (hot liquids if available).
2. Descend down the way back with a friend if it gets worse.
3. Medicine can be used like Acetazolamide.

Preventive Measures:
i. Ascending gradually without pressure.
ii. Acclimatization must be done.
Iii. Drink plenty of potable water and hot liquids.

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Himalayan Rescue Association [HRA]

Founded IN 1973, HRA is a non-profit voluntary organization which is working to rescue the trekkers from the Himalayas in case of extremities. It strives to reduce the number of causalities in highlands. Not only that, HRA also runs Medical clinic at Everest Base Camp (5,350m) since 2003 AD.

Additional Information:
Himalayan Rescue Association Nepal
Dhobichaur, Lazimpat, Kathmandu
Phone: +977 1 4440292/ 4440293

Important Note!
It is well-known fact that Nepal is a developing country located in the lap of Himalayas. Keeping this fact in mind, a wandering soul who is looking forward to pay a visit to Himalayas is requested to have prior information about Nepal, its people, culture and few festive seasons. Not only that, they are also requested to bring first aid kit by themselves and should be more aware in rustic regions of Nepal. Having this known, we can avoid some categories of mishaps. With our small efforts, we can eliminate much more adversities. And lastly, trekking gears, agencies, valid SIM card, an offline map, travel guide and amazing Nepalese will play the most vital role to make your trip hassle-free and memorable. :)