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Food and Culinary

Common foods of Nepal include rice with lentils and mo:mo dumplings at lunch.  It offers wide varieties of local delicacies [seasonal and festive] to relish upon. However, there is the availability of international dishes from Continental to Asian for foreigners.

There is no debate Nepalese cooking style has less or more influence of both neighbouring nations i.e. Tibet and India. Newari and Thakali foods are more popular inside Nepal too as they provide the perfect blend of authentic dishes. Dishes are eaten with the right hand instead of spoons.

  1. Daal Bhaat Power 24 Hour

Daal Bhaat [ boiled rice and lentil soup] is the regular food of Nepal. It is served with curried vegetables accompanied by mouth-watering pickles.  During the festive season, items of meats are cooked but not often as it is more expensive. Dheedo (boiled flour) with local chicken's curried meat is what we recommend you the most, which should not be missed.

  1. Mo: Mo Dumplings

Mo: Mo is the answer to Nepalese' question " What to eat"? Especially for lunch as a snack.

These dumplings are the meat or vegetables enclosed with flour dough and steamed or fried. They are basically served with pickles, tomato base fermented vegetables. Dumplings are supposed to eat after a dip in with pickle or "achaar". Mo: Mo is undeniably the national as well as the most favourite dish of Nepalese.

Funny Fact about Mo: Mo

There is a famous joke in Nepal.  Whenever Nepalese enter into the restaurant for lunch, they read the menu for minutes and order mo: mo at the end. Aahah 

Don't forget to eat mo: mo. =D

  1. Other snacks
  2. Chowmein
  3. Roti [Flat Bread]
  4. Miscellaneous local foods

Delights according to Geography

  1. Himalayan Cuisines is more influenced by Tibetan culture. Faapar's flatbread, Dheedo, butter tea, honey, yak's cheese, ghee, and yak's meats are notable stuff that represents the Himalayas. 
  1. People of hills are adept at producing high-grade rice. They also produce lentils, vegetables, and fruits seasonally.
  1. And when it comes to Terai belt it is the granary of Nepal which produces almost all types of foods for the entire country except those which need low temperature. And fish curry and traditional delights are more popular among Tharu Communities. Tharu people are also expert in making ‘food of chicher'.