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Faith Healing

Shamanism is based on the animistic belief which primarily honors the planet and appreciates the spirits that are alive in all living creatures. You might not have information but Nepal is a land full of legends, magic, myths, and mystery. The hostility between and among those millions of gods and goddesses on the one side and the most powerful demons on the other gives much more insights and logical perspective to this magic and mystery. Deities are the gestures of positive vibes, energy, and spirits whereas demons are notoriously famed. Most importantly, Faith healer stands between these two parties (good and bad) who almost like a catalyst with his inclination of positive spirits and attempts to erase away the negative spirits which are harmful to normal people or simply to his/her clients. 

          When it comes to faith healing in the history of Nepal, it dates back to the very beginning and is still widely practiced even in and around the capital city, Kathmandu. It has also been taught to foreigners about faith healing by Nepalese healers.

Talking about their outlook, The Jhankris or Shamans are found to be wearing festoon of tiny bells around their necks and quiver and chant with the beat of the drum or metal plate, which they play during the intercession and spirit possession. The accomplishment may sometimes take the entire night to complete. These performances are actually is worshiped and prayed by sacrificing a rooster  Some Jhankris are also found to be sacrificing a black goat depending upon the nature of the complication in order to cure. Shamans also make use of a broomstick, some grains of husked rice, ashes, incense sticks and a couple of spoonfuls of water, charged with Tantric spirits so that they can cure in a miraculous modus operandi.