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 Cultural Tours

The fine way to witness the ethnic diversity and religious tolerance.

            Nepal, despite its size, is a perfect blend of ethnic diversity.  Each part of Nepal has its own nature as well as the cultural setting. Holy pilgrimage sites, sacred freshwater lakes, and historical monuments are some prime attributes of cultural aspect herein Nepal.

            We can find people from every religion in Nepal, however, most people follow Hinduism and Buddhism. Nepal infact is a country with religious harmony and tolerance.  We can witness several genres of festivals especially during the month of September and November. Also, in the past, as there were different dynasties ruling in Nepal, a historical mix of culture is seen still nowadays too.

 In Nepal, as a cultural tour one can stroll around the Kathmandu's sacred temples and Durbar squares, narrow alleys of Patan and winding colourful streets of Bhaktapur. When it comes to geographical cultural aspect then we can see quite a difference in three belts which are mentioned below:

  1. Himalayan Region

            In the mountain region of Nepal, mainly Sherpas, Gurung, Ghale and other Mongolians are residing and hence the culture of them is showcased as daily chores.   They seemed to be more influenced by Tibetan Culture.  These people follow Buddhism and we can see bedecked prayers' flag everywhere as their sacred item in Chortens and Gumbas.           

  1. Hilly Region

            The mid portion of Nepal is populous with Chhetri, Brahmins, Gurungs, Thakuri, Rai, and Limbu. We can see them observing different festivities and traditions like Dashain, Lhosar, Tihar, Maghe Sankranti etc.

Kathmandu also lies in this region. The Newari people of the valley are regarded as the indigenous people of Kathmandu since the beginning. These people are rich in artistic works of metal, woods, and crafts. 

  1. Terai Region:

            Terai is also called the plain or flat land. Tharu people of Terai region are the original ethnic groups.  They have a peculiar way of life in comparison to Hills and Himalayas. These people tend to live a simpler life and as the temperature soars in summer, we can see them wearing thin cotton clothes. Take an ox-cart and explore the flat land cities of Nepal. We are sure, you won't disappoint. :)