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Climate of Nepal

Climate of Nepal

Nepal's climate has five distinct seasons (Summer, Spring, Monsoon, Autumn, and Winter) and is found to be influenced by maritime and continental factors. March to May is the time of Spring season which is found to be warm with rain showers, and temperatures around 22-25°C. Summer season get starts from June and lasts to August and the monsoon is experienced all over the country so that the hills turn verdant and green. Temperature can soar around the nation and gets quite warm, up to 32°C. During the rainy season, trekking in most of Nepal is a bit hard yet fun to hike in the hills and can be uncomfortable, as the trails become slippery and muddy.

          The climate of Nepal varies from place to place depending on their geographical features and altitude. In the North summers are cool and winters severe, whereas summers in South are experienced as tropical and winters are mild. 

          In the Southern part of Nepal, Summer temperatures exceed 37° C in plains and higher in some areas while Winter mercury level ranges from 6°C to 23°C in the Terai. In high mountainous regions, hills and valleys, summers are temperate whereas winter temperatures can plunge under sub-zero. Most of all Kathmandu Valley, the most happening place of the entire nation, experience the pleasant climate with the mean of Summer and Winter temperatures of 18°C – 36°C and 1°C – 13°C respectively.


Tip:  For every 1000m hike in altitude, you gonna experience average 6°C drop down in mercury level. :)


For more pay visit to, the official website of the Ministry of Environment, Nepal.