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If someone is looking for Ayurvedic diagnosis, mental or physical healing, through the non-invasive procedures then Ayurveda in Nepal could be of interest to him/her as it presents galaxies of such practices that specialize in natural therapies and surgeries. Don’t just read! Visit Nepal and Witness it! :)

        It is well-known fact that Vedas are the oldest recorded documents when it comes to human civilization. Ayurveda has been started from Vedic period and is the science of life oldest authentically recorded science which exist still today. Ayurveda is a Sanskrit word and literally, it means "The science of life".

             Ayurveda focuses on achieving the highest goal in life which cope with the inner and outer dynamic harmony. It defines the human body as bodily, mental, and spiritual health and sensual as its five dimensions. It can be summarized as traditional and indigenous information have been used to the fullest which dates back to the centuries by indigenous and local communities supporting local laws, customs and traditions from the very beginning.

           In Nepal, Ayurveda is regarded as the holy deed and significant part of the tradition. It fosters the use of herbs, ancient tool and local medicines which in turns have no side impacts and quick recovery.  We can visit an Ayurvedic hospital in Nardevi at the heart of Kathmandu.

We can meet these local Ayurvedic professionals in and around the rustic setting of the entire country who collect herbs, processed it and use for the further curing process.

They are named as ‘Lama’, ‘Jhankris’ and ‘Shamans’.