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Join our Short Everest Base Camp Trek and explore the Everest region in just 10 days. You still deserve to trek to the Everest Base Camp even if you do not have whole two weeks to spare. We will take you on a wonderful trekking journey to the base of the worlds' highest mountains within a short period of time.

This 10 Days Short Everest Base Camp Trek is an awesome chance for people with a short period of time to go on an Everest trekking adventure. Although it’s a Short EBC Trek, you will not miss out anything that a two weeks trip gives you in the mountains. You will experience the same mountains, same Sherpa villages and culture, and the same peaceful surroundings of the Everest region. This Short Everest Base Camp Trek takes from the villages of Lukla, which is the maddest height of 2860 meters on 10 days hike to the base camp of Mt Everest, ant an elevation of 5364 meters.

Short Everest Base Camp Trek itinerary has been designed to cater to your needs when you want to travel for a short adventure holiday. Feel the magical spells of mountains as you wander up and down the legendary EBC trekking trail. Immerse in the Sherpa culture and lifestyle wonders in the villages that you trek past and get inspired by the peacefulness and spirituality present in the Himalayan atmosphere. You will have a wonderful time trekking through the mountains and absorbing the arresting charm of those impressive mountains. Don’t fall back from letting yourself enjoy the trekking in enigmatic Everest only because you do not have two weeks to go there. You only need to follow your instincts and sign up for our Short Everest Base Camp Trek that we also call it Short EBC Trek. We are always here to make your dream adventure possible only in ten days.


  • Lodge

The journey of Short Everest Base Camp Trek begins with the 40 minutes flight from Kathmandu to Lukla. For many People, this will be the smallest plane have ever travelled on an exciting start to the Everest trek. This flight takes it to the Khumbu region of Nepal. 

The plane flying to Lukla from Kathmandu has no IFR on board so, we cannot take off until they told the weather condition suitable where we will be landing at Lukla Airport. Because of this long-delayed occurs regularly. 

Lining the stretch of Lukla, it is common to see porters offering their services, most people trekking in this Everest region would have organized by Trekking Trail Nepal. 

Considering the remote location the village on the sky above is surprisingly busy in between the plane carrying trekkers you can see army and rescue Helicopter at the airport. 

Lukla has various shops and lodges that one can have basic western style meals and pick up any last minute items for trekking to Everest Base camp and climb ahead. 

There are many restaurants in Lukla, so you can have tea or breakfast before you begin the first-day trekking. A
typical menu in Lukla will have large variety foods like fried rice, Noodles, soup, Pizza, Mo: Mo, breakfast cereals, hot and cold drinks and most junk foods you can get at home. 

People usually try to avoid eating meat here onwards, as there is no cold storage and the possibilities sick stomach is very high. 

The journey from Lukla to Phakding should take between 2-3 hours going at a slow and steady pace. The trail starts with the gentle climb of the mountainside on the left bank of the Dudhkoshi River which provides a lovely view of most of the days walking. There is the well-worn path with step leading down and up by the time you reach Phakding you will be 200 meters lower than you were at Lukla. The trekking trail from Phakding starts with easy, following the Dudhkoshi River Valley below and both way all around surrounded by Rhododendron forest. There are several small villages along the way to stop for foods and drinks.

There is a large amount of accommodation available at Phakding, but as the itinerary of Short Everest Base Camp Trek, we have to walk 2-3 hours more to reach Monjo or Jorsalle crossing several suspension bridges over villages like Tok Tok, Benkar, and Chumoa. We will stay in Monjo or Jorsalle. Most of the lodge is 3 story building with a large dining room, full bar, restaurant. The quality is very basic, the room comes with bed, mattress, and one pillow. There are no electrical socket and toilet is shared. Today several time you have to use the suspension bridges just to cross the Dudhkoshi River

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Lodge

Today’s trekking will take somewhere between 6 and 9 hours depending on your fitness label. As you leave Monjo in the direction of Namche, you enter what you knew as Sagarmatha National Park. To enter you have to buy a ticket by submitting personal details with 34 USD Per person. It is very important to carry your passport with you. 

You will cross the river 2 times today. These High Bridge are decorated by local with prayers flags, although there is no need for prayers, as the bridges are made of steels and feel very secure. There is no shop in between this Jorsale and Namche Bazar. After the second bridge, the trekking trail becomes surprisingly difficult. 

The walk til Namche is steep and continuously upwards, there is no level or downhill walking. This section of the hike before lunch may take 2 or more hours. People of average fitness level, they can walk several minutes only and needs several minutes rest to catch their breath.
After reaching Namche in our lodges, we will enjoy the views and food and then we will go for acclimatization hike to Everest View Hotel. 

The major attraction as an itinerary of Short Everest Base Cam is High Suspension Bridge over Dudh Koshi and first viewpoint with the rest of Mt. Everest from Everest View Hotel. At this altitude, your body will know the lack of oxygen in the air. It will be specially noticed if you attempted the things like running the stairs or playing. 

Namche Bazar is the most important town of Khumbu region, the land of Sherpa people. This town is located at 3443 meters above sea level.

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Lodge

The walk from Namche to Pangboche take between 6 and 8 hours. The day begins with a very steep and tiring walk of out of the Namche village. There is a large amount of construction taking place in Namche Bazar, with many new trekking lodges are being built. The sound of stone being cutting being replaced with the sound of wind blowing with the trees and calming sound of yaks and Jhakpi’s bells. The atmosphere is changed so quickly. 

Tengboche Monastery can be seen in the distance on the clear day, as well as the summit of the Everest. After about 30 minutes of hiking the ground level, offs and your pace will increase. After hours of 2 level and easy trekking, you have to walk downhill loosing much of altitude you gain over the last day so you can use the new steel suspension bridge to cross the river. 

But the altitude you lost now must be gain with the tough 2 hours uphill trekking trail hike. Most trekkers will stop here and have their lunch before an attempt to make a final push to Tengboche. The price of drinks might be 50 % higher than was in Lukla. Although meals like rice, soup, noodles and bread will mostly the same. The lack of Oxygen in the air really noticeable at this levels. Only the sherpa seem to be able to scale this steep hill as normal pace. Everyone else is choosing to take it slow and steady. Tengboche village is located at an altitude of 3868 m. In the village importance of Buddhist monasteries is a major attraction, the largest one of Khumbu Region, while you can see the oldest one in Pangboche village. The structure was build in 1923 but was destroyed by fire in 1989. It is rebuilt with the help of volunteer and under the provision of foreign aid. From here the great view of Everest and Ama Dablam, especially the Himalayas views. In the centre of Tengboche, there is the bakery, which claims to be the highest in the world at nearly 4000 m it is madly to believe. The chocolate cakes delicious and taste of freshly baked yesterday. 

There are the large greenery and centre of the village is for camping and several lodges to choose from for our lunch since we have to move to Pangboche as Itinerary of Short Everest Base Camp Trek with gently sloping downhill via Debuche and short up Hill after crossing Imja River.

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • 9 hrs
  • Lodge

Today we will hike along the river of Imja from start to end of the day, till Dingboche, widely known as a river valley or Chukung Valley or Imja Valley. Many people visiting this Everest region of Nepal only go far till Tengboche or Ama Dablam Base Camp via Pangboche, So from here onwards, there are fewer trekkers, porters, guides, and yaks along the trekking trail. There is some lovely family run tea house in the middle of Dingboche and Pangboche in a place called Somare, where you can catch up your breath with some hot or cold drinks. Overall it is easy but long day in the whole itinerary of Short EBC Trekking, with the journey taking up to 9 hours including our 2-3 hours of acclimatization hiking after reaching our destination over NangKarTseng.

The village of Dingboche is located in Chukung Valley at an altitude of 4410 m. All trekkers who follow the normal Everest Base Camp Trek will spend 2 night here in Dingboche for acclimatization purposes. 

Dingboche is heavily relying on Trekking and Tourist, with lodges and tenting area comprising most Dingboche with some potato fields towards northers east.

The Imja River flows directly east to the village. Most people choose to hang around the village, There are many local bars with a pool table, expensive wifi services, and satellite phone. But here with Short Everest Base Camp Trek, we will end our day after the possible best acclimatization hike to the NangkarTseng Hill on the North side of Dingboche village.

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Tea house

The day startup with the steep climb of the edge of the Dingboche Village providing the great view down into the Chukung Valley, with Island peak visible at its end. Most people take a short break here and prepare themselves for the long hiking ahead. Today's walk will take up to 6 hours and more depending on how the altitude affects you. 

As you walk along the side of the valley if you looked down to the left at the base you can see another village called Pheriche. There is the medical centre at Pheriche for emergencies can be treated. From minor illness, there is a fixed charge, this charge makes able to the doctor able to treat the local for free. 

Most of the hike today is along with relatively with the ground level. There you can see a few signs of civilization along this trekking trail and in most of the map mention as Dusa. So if you need some refreshment, snack or some food Thukla or Dhukla 4600 m. is the nearest available spot.

For the last 2 hours, the ground becomes steep, rocky and mostly strong cold wind from the base of Everest base camp until you reach the small village of Lobuche. Compare to the places like Dingboche and Tengboche there is not really much here. Just 5 trekking lodges and camping area make up Lobuche.

The village is quite exposed and the high wind can cause lots of dust to blow around the village, because of this the most trekkers choose to relax indoors. The numbers of trekkers passing through this village can very greatly and just common for there to be no accommodation. Trekkers may be asked to share the room with strangers or even sleep on dining room floor with guides and porters. There is no way around this, the nearest lodge is many hours walk the way.

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Teahouse

Today we have to walk a little over 5 km. It doesn’t sound like much. Because of altitude, this may take up to 5 or even 6 hours. There is no clear trekking trail and you have to walk over loose rocks which adds the difficulties.

The small village of Goreakshep actually the original base camp for climbers heading towards the summit of Everest. The small village located at the base of the peak called Kala Patthar.

The final part of this trek the 3-4 hours walk to base camp is difficult and dangerous. You can several crashed helicopter in the base camp region.

Because the air is so thin at this altitude landing and taking off can be difficult. Unlike the rest of the trail, there is no fixed trekking trail to follow here so we will not recommend attempting this without an experienced guide. The journey takes over the Khumbu glaciers finally ending at the base of Khumbu icefall. You can see you are at base camp when you are looking of the Khumbu icefall. This icefall is regarded as one of the dangerous stages of South Col trail to Everest Summit. 
Depending on what time of year it is, you may see the tents of supporter crew for climbers attempting to the summit of Everest. The month of April and May is the busiest time at the base camp of Everest.

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Tea house

The day will start very early morning to catch the moments of sunrise and Shangrila of the highest peak of the world from Kala Patthar. This hike will take you the to top of Kalapatthar elevated 5550m above sea level. Kala Patthar appears as big brown and black bump below the impressive south face of Mt Pumori. Many Trekkers in the Everest region will attempt to summit Kala Patthar since it provides the most accessible point to view Mt. Everest, from Base Camp to Peak. Due to the structure of Mt. Everest, the peak cannot be seen from base camp.

We will back to our tea house once again, pack up the bags, enjoy the breakfast in the Base Camp of Mt. Everest of the first summer and start trek down towards Pheriche or Pangboche Mostly on the same trekking trail and complete the itinerary of day 7 of Short Everest Base Camp Trek.

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Lodge

As for itinerary of day 8 of Short Everest Base Camp Trek, we will reach to the Namche Bazar to spend one more night. Trekking Trial from Pheriche to Somare will be new for you while after that we will follow the same trail. We will cross the same village of Somare, Pangboche, Debuche, Tengboche, Pungi Thagna, Kanjuma and finally reach to Namche by the end of the evening.

Depends on arrival time you can celebrate the success of Short Everest Base Camp Trek ( Short EBC Trek ) with booze and champagne or any local drinks with Trekking Trail Nepal guide and porters. If not you can wait one more days to celebrate till Lukla.

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Lodge

Last day of hiking of Short Everest Base Camp Trekking itinerary. This might be the longest day to your body since you walk with full energy on day 8 of Short EBC Trek, But your body will follow the motivation to reach back to Lukla as soon as possible, to get Hot Shower in our own room, Organic coffee shop in the Himalayas and to connect with your parents and friends to share the adventure of Short EBC Trek with the high-speed internet connection. 

Today's trekking trail is the same trail that we followed as an itinerary of Day 2 and Day 1 of Short Everest Base Camp Trek in return. In the evening you can celebrate the success of 10 days Short Everest Base Camp Trek with guides and porter. This might be your last time to see your porter until your next visit, so it is the best time to thank him over coffee or drinks with gratitudes or gifts.

While you're trekking guide will guide you till your Hotel in Kathmandu till Day 10 as Short EBC Trek Itinerary.

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Hotel

Depends on the flight time, the guide will know your flight time. Sometimes it might be early before your breakfast while sometimes you might need to wait for a couple of hours. Say goodbye to the Himalayas and Lukla with all memories and love in heart you will land in Kathmandu airport. Trekking Trail Nepal guide will transfer to the hotel, which you booked already.

  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

What's Included

  • All ground transfer for short Everest Base Camp Trek.
  • Kathmandu Lukla Kathmandu flight ticket with a guide.
  • Twin sharing accommodation in standard tea house along the trail.
  • All meal, in trekking as itinerary, 1 set breakfast, 1set lunch, and dinner.
  • Experienced, qualified and English speaking trekking guide.
  • Helpful and energetic supporter to carry your big bag.
  • All Necessary permit of National Park, Local Government, and TIMS.
  • Lodging, food, communication, salary, and insurance of all trekking staffs.

What's Excluded

  • Hotel in Kathmandu before and after the Short Everest Base Camp Tek.
  • Personal adventure gears and equipment for trekking in Nepal.
  • Drinks, tidbits, snacks, bars, beverages, and water.
  • Laundry, communication and other personal nature expenses.
  • TIPS and Gratitudes for Guide and Porter for trekking in Nepal.
  • Local, Monasteries, museum and monuments entry fees and donation.
  • Anything else than the mention in cost inclusive section.

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Good to Know

Short Everest Base Camp Trek Caution!
This Short Everest Base Camp Trek ( Short EBC Trek ) of Trekking Trail Nepal is the 10 days hiking trip, which takes you to the base of Mt. Everest 5364 m. in 6 days from Kathmandu. This 10 days Everest Base Camp Trek has no any rest or acclimatization days ( neither in Namche Bazar nor Dingboche ). Therefore Trekking Trail Nepal request you to evaluate your physical fitness and get known to the high altitude risk before you book this shortest Everest Base Camp Trek.

Is Everest Base Camp Trek is possible in 10 Days?
About 90% of Trekking which reach the base of Mt. Everest in Nepal follows the same itinerary like Kathmandu - Phakding - Namche - Tengboche - Dingboche - Lobuche - EBC - Pheriche - Namche - Lukla - Kathmandu and 2 extra days of rest acclimatization in Namche and Dingboche. Spending overnight in these popular camps comes with more possibilities to get a room in peak trekking season in Nepal and village like Namche and Dingboche offers the best acclimatization trekking trail with spectacular Himalayas views make all trekking company compete to follow the same Itinerary. In addition to this Normal 14 days Everest Base Camp Trek Package, you can skip some days and complete your dream to be in Everest Base Camp just in 10 days. But, We want to show you the caution of High Altitude Sickness and other possible hazardous incidents on this shortest Everest Base Camp Trek.

Is there any acclimatization in this 10 days Short Everest Base Camp Trek?
Although this itinerary of 10 days Everest Base Camp Trek has not any Rest days, here we tried our best to provide the possible acclimatization to make you more fit and cope with high Himalayas environment to make you short Everest Base Camp Trek a grand success. If you look closely the itinerary of Short Everest Base Camp Trek have some acclimatization hike on day 2 and day 4. On day 2 you will hike to Syangboche Airport or Everest View Hotel, while on day 4 you will hike to Nangkartseng Hills definitely not for the view but for acclimatization as Itinerary of Short EBC Trek, just after lunch. This little trick and ground experience make more difference to achieve the success to reach Base camp of Mt Everest in shortest days possible.

Physical Fitness for Short EBC Trek.
Athletics fitness is not enough to do this 10 Days EBC Trek, The most important things is High Altitude Experience. Trekking Trail Nepal wants to declare here, The total risk of Short Everest Base Camp Trek one and only on you. But don’t worry about our staffs, they all have high altitude experienced and prepare for every movement and foreseeable incidents. Trekking Trial Nepal has no any rights say that you are fit for Short Everest Base Camp Trek, You can do it easily or blah blah neither we guaranteed you to fulfill your dream to reach in Everest Base Camp in the shortest period of time.


Safety Records of Short EBC Trek.
From last four years of adventure trekking and tours in Nepal with yoga and motorbiking, Trekking Trail Nepal holds the record of Zero Rescue with 100% success rate. To be frankly, Here at Trekking Trail Nepal, we don’t share this Short Everest Base Camp Trek of 10 days in public or mass advertising. This is the special Everest Trekking Package for Totally Adventurous High Altitudes Experienced Trekkers. In This Last four years, we only sell 3 Short EBC Trek, that also fits in our Zero Rescue with 100% Success Rate.

Payment and Booking policies for Short EBC Trek.
While booking this Short Everest Base camp Trek with Trekking Trail Nepal you have to pay USD 100 per person as other trekking in Nepal. Furthermore another 40% of payment must be deposited to Trekking Trail Nepal prior 45 days from the date of Trek started. You can following any payment method as prescribed in our sites, while balance amount must be settled down before the start of Short EBC Trek after your arrival.

Documents Needed for Short EBC Trek.
After you booked and paid US$ 100 per person for this short Ebc Trek, you must have to send some documents to Trekking Trail Nepal. These documents are mandatory for every Trekking in Nepal to proceed Hotel, Flight, permits and more. Copy of passport, your hotel booking in Kathmandu, your international flight detail is most important documents for this Short Everest Base Camp Trek.

Meeting Point of Short EBC Trek.
Since Short Everest Base Camp Trek includes only one-night Hotel in Kathmandu after you're trekking. So Trekking Trail Nepal will meet you in your Hotel in Kathmandu for introducing with Trekking Guide, small briefing about Everest Base Camp Trek, settle down the payment and last minute support and shopping before you fly to Lukla and Trek to Manjo.

Short Everest Base Camp Trekking Guide and Porter.
Trekking Trail Nepal will assign experience Sherpa Trekking Guide and Porter for your Short EBC Trek. There are well known about Trekking Trail, High Altitude Risk, Experienced and knowledgeable of Culture, Nature, and Religions. You will meet our Trekking Guide in Kathmandu before day 1 for short briefing and introduction and fly with you to Lukla, While you're trekking supporter will meet you at Lukla Airport. Trekking Trial Nepal is well known to the risk of High Himalayan Trekking Trail, We need to care about everything for our fields staffs. We all know the risk and gain of Trekking since our whole management team was Trekking Staffs once their life. Trekking Trail Nepal will manage all food, lodging, Insurance and other basic needs for our staffs. Not only for Short EBC Trek but for all adventure and Trekking in Nepal.

Accommodation for Short EBC Trekking.
In this Short trekking package of Everest Base Camp Trek does not include any accommodation in Kathmandu. While normal standard tea house and guest house accommodation will be provided in the trekking trail. In addition, with the special request of the guest, Trekking Trail will book the hotel for your Nepal trek, epically for before and after your short Everest Base Camp Trek.

Do the Trekking Guide and Porter needs rest or acclimatization day.
Generally, Trekking Guide and Porter for Short Everest Base Camp Trek do not need any acclimatization day, although they need rest. So this Short Everest Base Camp Trek is created in this way that they can get enough rest on day 2 and day 4 as Short EBC Trek itinerary of Trekking Trail Nepal. All trekking guides and supporters will be more happy to do this short EBC Trek since they can do more trekking in Nepal in peak season.

How much is the price Differences of Everest Base Camp Trek with Short EBC Trek?
There is not more price difference while comparing Normal 14 days Everest Base Camp Trek and Short EBC Trek. Since the fight ticket to and from Lukla cost around 40% of total price. Even in Short Everest Base Camp Trek, you have to fly to and from Lukla, with the guide, there are no big differences in price. But there is the difference between one thing is Risk and 4 Days.

How to manage the things on flight cancellation of Lukla?
Our field staffs have experienced to deal with all unfavorable situation in the trek. They are trained in that way to minimize your burden, tension, all related risk and more. They will try to provide you the best available alternative even in the regular flight cancellation of Lukla. Our trekking guides will get in touch office of Trekking Trail Nepal, Air Traffic Controller/representative and updated about the weather and other related options. Here Trekking Trail Nepal heartily request you to stay calm and suggest and support our staffs in this natural issue.

Short Everest Base Camp Trek ( Short EBC Trek ) Services.
Short Everest Base Camp Trek of Trekking Trail Nepal includes Guide for trekking days, supporters to carry your big backpack, all necessary permits like Everest National Park, Local Government entry fees, and TIMS Card. Furthermore, all meals in trekking days as an itinerary of Short EBC Trek, Normal Tea House accommodation in trekking nights on twin sharing. Services of Short EBC Trek is not ended here, also includes all airport transfer, flight to and from Lukla for you and guide, lodging and food for our trekking staffs with their insurance and communication fees.

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