Nepal Calls You


Frequently Asked Questions(FAQ)

Can I make changes after I book?

Yes, and we would like to help you. If you wish to adjust the number of people, change your contact details, or change start time or start date, please contact the respective travel or trekking company that you made booking with.If in case of any issues we are always here to support you.

For booking cancellations, please check the relevant cancellation term before booking. They will be shown clearly on all tour packages of the relevant company.


Are there any hidden charges?

NepalCallsYou does not add any extra charges. All prices are pulled directly from our local partners, without adding any additional fees. We also do not charge any booking or service fees. You can therefore be sure that you always get the best price when booking through NepalCallsYou .We don't take any third party commison like other travel directories out there.You will be making 15% advance payment for the booking confirmation and the balance payment you will make it to relevant travel agencies on your trip to Nepal.

Where is Nepal Calls you Based?

Nepal calls you is a local travel directory based in Nepal. If in case you have any hassles before or during the travel we will be there for you.Our office is based in Anamanagar,Kathmandu just 15 minutes distance from Thamel and even Tribhuwan International Airport.


How do we select the location travel companies and packages?

We help you choose the right company,make the right connection and take the best travel experience.All the packages listed in our directory are from the best travel and trekking companies who are in business since 5-50 years.We check all the legal documents of the travel agencies before listing them and also the reviews of the companies from lonely planet,trip-advisor,facebook,Google ,Instagram etc. We make sure you get the best service and we are continuosly working to make your travel experience better.

What can I expect after booking?

You can expect a hassle-free tour.  You need to get in contact with the local supplier as we have already communicated all necessary details to them.They will send you the confiramtion via email with this in your hand you can embark on the tour booked at the stipulated start date.