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Nepal Tourism Year: Visit Nepal 2020 - Be a part of it.

Nepal Tourism Year: Visit Nepal 2020 - Be a part of it.


Talking about the foundational phase of Nepalese Tourism Industry after the restoration of democracy, Nepal first unlocked its gates to foreigners only in the 1950s. Ever since, Nepal, smaller yet beautiful South- Asian Shangri-la, has quintessentially lured, drawn and enchanted global tourists with its transcendental aura. High acknowledgment to ethereal mountain ranges, Hindu and Buddhist pilgrimage sites known for their sacredness, rustic yet ravishing countryside’s, deep woods of Southern Jungle and verdant vegetation, as they are the prime attributes behind the majestic beauty of small kingdom Nepal which resides between two big nations: India and China. On top of that, courteous and gregarious demographics of Nepal welcomes you all with their arms wide and heart all-opened. Their warm hospitality accompanied by authentic Nepali delights would beguile any souls out there on Earth.


       After the successful completion of campaign years: Visit Nepal Year 1998 and Nepal Tourism Year 2011, the Tourism Board of Nepal has introduced another tourism year, Visit Nepal 2020 Campaign. This Campaign was promulgated in 2015 and was supposed to be held in 2018 but later on, it was re-scheduled to 2020.  The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal’s government has decided to witness the year of 2020 as Visit Nepal Year with the slogan “Lifetime Experiences”, intending to attract as many as 2 million globetrotters and holidaymaker to the country from all over the globe.


          The first factor to consider beforehand is the preparation and procurement aspect to make this campaign successful in a sheer fashion. For the 2020 edition of the visit Nepal 2020, the Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal has stationed unwavering stratagems to make 2020 year monumental. It has also come up with ambitious yet master projects to operate two new International Airports in Lumbini and Pokhara. Moreover,  the government is also planning to operate Tribhuwan International Airport for auxiliary 3 hours from the usual 18 hours to facilitate the availability of services for both approaching and departing foreign nationalities. It is also proclaimed that the administration is also negotiating to confirm air services agreements with countries like Turkey, Japan, UAE, Egypt, and China among a few other nations. Besides, above-mentioned changes the government is planning to amend some acts regarding Nepalese Tourism i.e. Casino regulation, trekking ordinance, and mountaineering expedition enactments.


          It is the matter of fact and vivid understanding that Nepal has already bagged its position being one of the best places for travel on the planet. Yes! It boasts the stupefying Himalayan beauty, far-flung multicultural aspects, surreal landscape, and most importantly friendly locals. For this reason, Nepal easily secures its position in the wish-list of any wandering trotters from the globe. Backpackers and trippers from all parts of the world pay the visit to Nepal by the thousands each season, especially for trekking and sightseeing. Not only that, the tourism sector of this beautiful country,  Nepal has a lot of potential for growth and expansion, a plethora of options (lodging and culinary)  to rejoice and relish upon during holidays and faces bedecked with full of smiles. Indeed, It has myriads of surprises and joys to offer to the vacationers, nature lovers. The mystical and transcendental shades of Nepal can be perfect epitome of spirituality for those wandering souls seeking something different in their life.   


Non- rectangular flag

       Nepal possesses the one and only national flag in the world which is not in quadrilateral shape. Instead, it is triangular. Plain and simple it is the combination of two single pennons (or pennants) also known as a double-pennon. The color, crimson red denotes bravery of Nepalese (Gurkha) and it also resembles with the color of the rhododendron, the national flower of Nepal, while the blue color at the border is the color of peace.

Home to the Mount Everest – The highest pinnacle on earth

Reward yourself by providing the precious opportunity to witness the most striking point on the whole planet. Not only the Everest is the most noteworthy point in Nepal but also it is the home to a few eight-thousanders. Legions of travelers are scaling this pinnacle each year which is considered as a standout amongst the most ambitious accomplishments of mountaineering and expedition. Going back down the memory lane, Everest was scaled first by Tenzing Norgay Sherpa and Edmund Hillary in 1953.

No worries!  Whether you are a trekking enthusiast or not, trekking to Nepal has much more to offer to all of us, literally covering entire demographics of the world: from all walks of life.


Trekking, Climbing and Mountain Expedition

          No rays of doubt! Nepal is widely renowned for adventure, strenuous trek routes, mountaineering and best hiking spots over the years. The rustic yet pristine terrains of the  Himalayas offers various stunning vistas accompanied by the surreal landscapes and passes. In an honest spirit,  it would be unfair to point out one as the best trek in Nepal. As the routes are different as well as best in their own way.

    You can choose various treks on the basis of your estimated budget, allocated time frame and yes obviously according to the level of your fitness. No worries! Nepal provides myriads of walking options to each of us representing several walks of life.


    Nepal Calls You would like to recommend below-mentioned trekking agencies if you are looking in and around Nepal. You can trust them with your both eyes closed. :)


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Himalayan Gateway Trek

Himalayan Memory Treks

Birthplace of Gautam Budhha: The preacher of Buddhism

          Needless to repeat, Gautam Buddha is the initiator of the religion called Buddhism. He was conceived as Siddhartha Gautam to a King’s family yet he chose to leave with or without his effects keeping in mind that to achieve salvation in the wildernesses of neighboring country India. Sooner after he was enlightened, Buddhism was established under his lessons and guidance. Buddha is perceived as an illuminated preacher whose tutorials or lessons have been gone down through the ages to enlighten what it speaks to today or simply prevail peace on Earth.


          The place where the peace-cherishing Buddha was born, its premises are enlisted under the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Every year numbers of peace lovers, peacekeepers, and visitors from the world pay visit to Lumbini, the birthplace of Gautam Buddha.


Nepal: Home to more than 6000 freshwater streams

          After Brazil, Nepal is the nation with the second most profuse water resources in the world. Indeed, it’s a Nirvana where there are waterways originating down from the wealth of snow-capped mountains and glaciers. According to the recent survey, Nepal has more than 6000 rapid waterways that move through it.


Birdwatchers' Paradise: Nepal boasts more than 876 types of winged animals.

       Additionally, the majestic nation residing on the lap of Himalayas, Nepal is a  sanctuary for winged animals enthusiasts everywhere throughout the globe. The verdant vegetation, as well as deep and dark woody jungles of South, is acting as a goal for geographic specialists, activists, and stakeholders who think about the green shade of the Earth. The Spiny Babbler is the one and an only bird which can be spotted only in Nepal.


Exhilarating Aqua Amusement

              Nepal is known for numerous related exercises and activities. Boating in quaint lakes, kayaking, intrepid white water rafting and paddling in rapid rivers are to a high degree of adventures which are prevalent in Nepal. It offers quick streaming waterways that serve as the best avenue for searchers and adventurers. It may sound cliche, but believe us, the water fun and exercises experienced in Nepal are entitled as the best ones on the whole planet. If you are a water activities lover,  having intense quest to share water exercises then Nepal can be the perfect arena for you.


UNESCO World Heritage Sites and Cultural Aspects

          It can be easily witnessed that Nepal is well-off in both culture and traditions. There are countless ethnic groups having their own presets of life, daily chores, festivals, languages, dialects and post grave ceremonies each following their distinct art and religions. This diverse traditions, customs, and lifestyle bestowed by Nepalese people is the pre-eminent feature which makes Nepal a world in itself.


          Nepal bestows its best in cultural diversity, and this vast tradition displays in the form of heritages, artistic works, and temples. In the capital Kathmandu alone, out of ten UNESCO World Heritage sites, it includes seven of them including Pashupatinath, Swayambhunath, Boudhanath, Durbar Squares and temples.


Rendezvous With Jeopardized Wildlife

              Nepal is just more than trekking and mountain climbing. Nepal proudly flaunts an extensive variety of creatures and vegetation. Nepal has more than 852 types of flying animals. Not only that,  Nepal hosts as a [perfect haven for few imperiled animal groups, for example, the Royal Bengal Tiger, One Horned Red Panda, Rhinoceros, Bengal Fox, and the agile Snow Leopard. One good news for us is that Nepal just a months ago has grabbed roaring success by being able to double the number of both Tiger as well as Rhinoceros, which initially was considered as endangered.  



          As Nepal provides myriads of options for those adrenaline junkies who seeks to do something new and exhilarating deeds, still there are few activities to carry out. Recently, Hot Air Ballooning has been re-started in and around the surrounding hillocks of Pokhara. Similarly, Sky-diving has also commenced there to provide amazing birds' eye views of the most beautiful city, Pokhara. Writing regarding those soon to be launched projects are Bungy Jumping over Kaligandaki river and Ziplining in Dhulikhel.



          We all know that the earthquake of April 25, 2015, had killed 8686 people and leaving thousands wounded, homeless and scared. The rustic setting of the countryside is still in the recovery phase from the damage caused by those tremors. But then when it comes to safety issues. There is no doubt, even though Nepal is still going with its restoration speed, holidaymakers can relish and relax anywhere in Nepal.


          It is sad to state that few media outlets have reported of Nepal that it is still trapped in the state of complete devastation and debris which is totally wrong. Although, Nepal was impacted majorly in about its five districts whereas, in 7 other districts, there was a minor impact. On this informative note, Nepal Calls You, an online hassle free travel directory would like to guarantee that the remaining repair and reconstruction of temples and heritage sites are underway and will be finished by 2020 for sure.



       Yes! SOLO in Nepal. How can one not be charmed or enchanted with an alluring amphitheater of the entire world residing in the lap of the high Himalayas standing with glories for years? Any wandering or curios soul will be beguiled.  You guys can read and have more insights on SOLO Travelling in Nepal which is already published by Nepal Calls You.


           Talking about the Solo way of exploring, getting lost or wandering alone in nature comprising of strange landscapes, deep woods, and lush green vegetation is the new way of exploring self and nature. There is no debate, we assure you that Nepal never fails to amaze its visitors. Also, the SOLO way of exploration and those travelers who want to dream, dwell and discover certain places as well as the journey of finding themselves mixed with excitement and thrill is pure bliss. With SOLO, you can find and exceed your soul's limits and set higher ones. :)


 Brace yourself! And pack your backpacks to Nepal.



          Summing up, Nepal Calls You cordially invites you all (travel, nature enthusiasts and nature lovers) to be a part of this tourism year, Visit Nepal 2020. Our humble request with a warm invitation to all foreign nationalities out there and Nepalese diaspora who are scattering all over the world, please make a visit in 2020 and make Visit Nepal Year 2020 a grand. Not only that, Nepal Calls You would like to appeal to all Nepalese people to put hand together and contribute less or more to this campaign.


          Nepal, a trekkers' nirvana amalgamates striking Himalayan views, golden temples and narrow alleys, charming hilly settlements, vegetation, and wildlife being one of the world's great travel destinations indeed deserves your visit at least one time during your lifetime. And most importantly, you will end up with a heart full of smiles and gadgets full of photographs, mindful of memories to relish upon for the rest of your life.      


                  Buckle up to witness the pristine beauty of Nepal, its rich cultural aspects and most interestingly the decent locals :)


 Okay! See you in Nepal. ;)  


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