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Mount With a Motive - Nepal's high Himalayas standing tall and firm on a mission to cure Alzheimer's Disease.

Mount With a Motive - Nepal's high Himalayas standing tall and firm on a mission to cure Alzheimer's Disease.


First of all, let us make you clear about the term "Alzheimer's Disease". It's nothing other than a fundamental form of "Dementia" the comprehensive term describing a group of symptoms associated with a diminish in memory power or overall thinking capacities severe enough to decline a person's ability to perform regular chores.

Alzheimer's disease is brain disarray named after German physician Alois Alzheimer, who first recognized it in 1906. Scientists have learned and researched to some great extents about Alzheimer's disease in the century since Dr. Alzheimer described.

Around 5 million Americans are living with Alzheimer's disease. Alzheimer's is a progressive and fatal disease of the mind which tends to destroy brain cells, which causes problems with memory, thinking power and behavior acute enough to have an impact on work, areas of interests or hobbies or social life. It can get worse over the span of time, and it is lethal. Today Alzheimer's disease is enlisted as the sixth-leading cause of death in the United States.

On contrary to this status, Alzheimer's disease is still unknown today in most parts of the world. Today, many people are dying because of this disease and still, people have no solid ideas. On that informative note, we, team Nepal Calls You, are trying to let people know that none of the countries are untouched from Alzheimer's disease. Today approximately 30 million people in the world are fighting with Alzheimer's disease.

What we strongly believe in is ‘All humans might not be generous enough to assist in others' hardship and it's not mandatory to be also. But, who are, they matter as they can beautify someone's status. YES! You read it right. Your generous shade of life can be a mega boon to those people who suffer 24/7 and struggling with the grave. Be it suffering from fatal diseases like TB, fighting with a mental disorder or experiencing starvation. We people with big hearts and wide thoughts reaching for horizon living a well-settled life can help those agonized categories of mankind so that they can live better lives relatively.

Humanity matters and is still alive among us. Why not $1 from me if he/she can get a cure? Why not a loaf of bread from me if he/she can cope with utter hunger? These kinds of interrogative statements really end up with goosebumps and sometimes even with heavy heart and watery eyes. Just think about the amount and its credibility which can be collected from the elite population and goes for those needy people. It feels good. Yeah! $1 can be more powerful if it is collected from big mass and used appropriately to those who deserve it. In one hand, helping needy people will relief their degree of suffering while on the other it over breeds happiness and satisfaction for those helping hands and generous soul.

So, if your wonderful bunch of people are also thinking to help those underprivileged groups, sufferers and victimized including destitute communities in and around the world. This blog will stimulate your range of liberality for sure. Here, today we will be sharing a mission which has held back in 2018 but with a motive. Legions of travelers conquered Island Peak in Nepal and raised five digits’ fund to cure Alzheimer's patients.

Whenever someone speaks of Nepal if "Himalayas" don't conjure your mind then we assume you know nothing about Nepal. Be stepping on the bottom of Mount Everest, the highest peak on the earth, even conquering it, trying thrilling experience on Annapurna Circuit Trek or undertaking peak climbing with altitude more than 6000 meters, Nepal should be enlisted in the bucket list of every travel junkie around the world. Trekking in Nepal amidst the narrow paths and verdant vegetation accompanied by rapid waterfalls has been popular every single day as human always want to sail off their limits and test their physical and mental endurance. Every year, legions of wandering souls, more than 8 million visitors flock to the Himalayas in Nepal following the lesser known trails.

A visit to Nepal is the most rewarding decision one does in his/her life on the planet. One of the main reason why the troops from all over the world get here is due to its pristine environment and wilderness. Nepal, a small landlocked country between China and India is undoubtedly a mecca for holidays and is the source of happiness for those who pay a visit to this wonderland. Correct us if we are wrong but Nepal Calls You assures that one visiting Nepal will return with a pocket full of memories, hearts full of warmth and smiles and gadgets full of incredible photographs featuring towering peaks and surreal landscapes.

Let’s stand together with the climbers in their fight against Alzheimer.  



Besides giving these good vibes Nepal has also played as a perfect hamlet to one of the best climbers in the world raised fund for cure Alzheimer's disease on his summit to the Himalayas of Nepal. Visitors around the globe have contributed to the economy of Nepal traveling every year to Nepal and repeatedly coming here. Island Peak Climbing 2018, has just successfully completed with the definite purpose in Nepal. Over $40,000 was raised for curing Alzheimer's disease fund in October during the Island Peak Summit by Alan Arnette and Kami Sherpa on which 100% of all the donations went to the research, not even on overhead or marketing even on the climbers. Jim and Carlos Beers also matched the donation of $20,000. The climbers conquered Island Peak around 10 am on October 21, 2018.

For those people, interested to check/know about Island Peak where the event was held you can go through the below-mentioned texts.


Island peak climbing is getting famous among the trekking peak climbers nowadays because of its stunning scenery as well as gives to adventure lovers another chance to explore the Everest Base camp. Island Peak is located in the Everest Region Khumbu area which offers an impressive and highly glaciated face that emerges from the Lhotse Glacier. Island peak at an elevation of 6189m is actually an extension of Lhotse Shar located between the Lhotse and Imja glaciers, so the Island peak is also called as Imja-Tse in the local language. Island peak climbing also offers spectacular scenery of the Khumbu region and the Chhukung valley. From the highest point of the peak, you can delight yourself with the huge south face of Lhotse and the wonderful view of Amadablam Peak.

For Island Peak Climbing, we begin our climbing expedition with a flight to Lukla from Kathmandu takes about 40 Minutes. We accompany the Dudh Koshi river valley and stay one day in the Sherpa town of Namche Bazaar and enjoy the local market. Next day our journey stops at Tyangobche which from here we can see the best view if the mount Everest. Tengboche offers one of the finest scenery of Everest as well as many other peaks like Cho Oyu and many different mountains and ancient Tengboche monastery.

From Dingboche, we begin the arrangement for our Island peak climbing expedition. Despite the fact that we can ascend the peak in a single day, however from our earlier experience we spend one night at the base camp for adjustment and finally attempt the Island summit from the Base Camp. Necessary peak climbing permit from Nepal mountaineering association (NMA) is needed as well as an experience Sherpa climbing guide who has licensed from the government is needed. Full insurance for the climbing Sherpa guide is compulsory to issue the permit as well as his license number.


  1. A panoramic flight to Lukla with hundred Panoramic views of Mt. Amadablam, Mt. Everest, Mt. Nuptse, Mt. Lhotse, Thamserku.
  2. Visit the best viewpoint for the Everest from Tyngboche.
  3. Unique cultural of Sherpa people
  4. Centuries-old Tyangboche monastery and Pangboche Monastery.
  5. Exploring Namche Bazaar, Khumjung Village and Pangboche Village.
  6. Sherpa culture and customs. trekking through the dense forest.
  7. Visit Napache park headquarter
  8. Explore the Khumbu region.



  1. Arrival and transfer to Hotel
  2. Rest and Arrangement Day
  3. Kathmandu-Lukla- Phakding
  4. Phakding- Namche Bazaar
  5. Acclimatization Day in Namche Bazaar
  6. Namche Bazaar- Tengboche
  7. Tengboche-Pheriche
  8. Pheriche-Lobuche
  9. Lobuche to Gorakhshep
  10. Everest Base Camp Trek
  11. Gorakhsep-Dingboche
  12. Dingboche -Chukung
  13. Chukung-Island Peak Base Camp
  14. The ascent of Island Peak
  15. Island Peak Base Camp-Pangboche
  16. Pangboche-Namche
  17. Namche-Lukla
  18. Lukla-Kathmandu



Every season in Nepal these kinds of adventurous activities with a purpose is organized and carried out targeting a few marginalized or victimized range of the population. Nepal Calls You aspires to be the best tour booking portal in Nepal in which our tourism dedicated staffs will be updating similar natures of events in our News Section. Hence, if such genres of events with purposes energize you guys, you can be a part of it, demonstrate your philanthropist facet and contribute for the betterment of the world; for the welfare of mankind. :)

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