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Hot Air Ballooning in Nepal: Up and Away!

Hot Air Ballooning in Nepal: Up and Away!


Are you people fond of flying in the basket with your intimate circles or loved ones? Be it soaring over the scenic lakes of Pokhara or hovering above the monasteries and pagodas of Lumbini city tour in Nepal from where peace has prevailed. YES! Your body, mind, and soul might be seeking to experience new adventure featuring authentic settlements and scenery of pristine Nepal.

If you have curiosities regarding hot air balloon and especially in countries like Nepal, we are positive you will thank us later. :) Before diving into the main topic, let us start with history and general information about hot air balloon.

Do you guys know which is the first human-carrying flight technology in the world? Of course! It's none other than Hot Air Balloon which was invented by Montgolfier Brothers back in 1978 AD.

Also, some of you might have questions regarding the working mechanism of hot air ballooning. It's not that complex instead it's so clear as the name suggests. Hot air balloon rises up with the hot air filled inside by the burner which uses propane gas. By heating the air inside the balloon, it becomes lighter and moves upwards due to the cooler air outside. Similarly, if we cool the air or stop heating it descends downwards. :)

Hot Air Balloons are able to fly to immensely high altitude and has the world record for hot air balloon flight up to 68,986 ft. by Vijaypat Singhania from India.


In the case of Nepal, when it comes to the Hot air ballooning it has started a long time ago however it has been halted a few years almost more than a decade. Now, it's good news for all adventure seekers that Balloon Nepal has recently re-started to provide hot air ballooning around Pokhara and Lumbini. On that informative note, Hot Air Balloon in Nepal was started from 17 November 2018 [1st of Mangsir 2075] by Balloon Nepal which was founded by Mr. PrabinMaharjhan and his team.

          Basically, Balloon Nepal has targeted foreign and domestic thrill seekers who visit Nepal especially central, the most beautiful city, Pokhara. Mr. Maharjan informed the press that they have invested NPR 15 million rupees and began preparation back in 2016 i.e. two years of initial planning. According to the team, Balloon Nepal has a permit to operate 5 balloons offering 2 flights daily, one in the early morning and another in the afternoon by expert Indian pilots which are ground handled by local specialists.

In addition to that, balloon rides are available for 9 months a year and will be closed during monsoon. This sport is very popular among tourists since it offers the most striking eye shots of Pokhara city, it's lakes and surrounding hills accompanied by wondrous Himalayan ranges. The flight takes off from Dhampus or Larukh village in the Kaski District and lands at the bank of Mardi River.


Hot Air Balloon has also launched at Lumbini from 12th Jan 2019 from where you can have bird’s eye vision of Lumbini, the sacred place where preacher of Buddhism, Gautam Buddha was born.


The price range of the Hot Air Balloon packages differs with the height range and air time. Offered packages are: -

a. Eagle-Eye Flight:

Eagle Eye Hot air balloon offers the flight just like by an eagle and so that people can enjoy the bird’s eye view of the city of lake Pokhara and its periphery. It lets us float in the sky for about 30 minutes with an elevation of 1000m above from the ground. The flight takes off from Dhampus / Larukh villages, authentic settlements located in Kaski, Nepal which lands at the bank of Mardi River. Price range for this flight is NRs 9000 per Nepalese citizen and $120 per person for foreigners.

b. Magical Voyage Flight:

This flight comes up with one hour of basket time i.e. 60 minutes of flight above 1000m from the ground-level. And it is a bit pricey than the Eagle-Eye Flight with NRs. 11000 per Nepalese citizen and $150 for foreigners. And there is no worry regarding scenic views as you will end up capturing and savoring majestic views in one hour being floated in the sky with clumsy clouds.

c. Hot Air Romance:

This package provides the thrill seekers with romantic air balloon rides which can turn your extra special junctures into a magical episode. Enjoy the one-hour ride, relish upon a full buffet lakeside breakfast and make memories for a lifetime with just $250 per person.

d. Hot Air Engagement:

Hot Air Engagement presents those warm hearts to have a flight and propose their life partners in the air; in the basket amidst the floating and wandering clouds. In the early hours of the beautiful morning, what can be the best occasion to express your love to the man/woman of your life? You can simply book a flight so that team Balloon Nepal will arrange a private breakfast to savor to the fullest in that special morning. This will cost you $500 in total.

e. Hot Air Anniversary:

Not only that besides making the proposal Hot air balloon also presents an anniversary package. Couples can simply book the flight costing $500 and enjoy the annual day of their wedding with the best delights. Book this flight immediately and have fun. You guys will thank us later. :)

f. Hot Air Birthday:

Unlike any other birthday celebration, this retreat will mark the life of that birthday boy/girl. You can book this trip for 60 minutes and 1000 meters above the ground like other flights. One can book for himself or herself and of course YES! to your loved one. It’s primarily crafted for your loved one’s birthday celebrations.


Depending upon your upcoming events like intimate one's birthdays, your anniversary or your wanderlust being in the sky for an hour, making memories with the clouds you can book and relish upon the hot air baskets.

We, Nepal Calls You, an online hassle-free travel directory offering various packages in Nepal including popular treks like Everest Base Camp Trek, Annaurna Base Camp Trek, Manaslu Circuit Trek etc. We highly recommend you guys to savor upon this newly launched affair especially during the months of September, October, and November. The reason why we are suggesting these seasons, you will find it during your hot air balloon voyage in and around Pokhara. :)

Nepal Calls You wishes you all the best to all adrenaline junkies out there for your future adventure endeavors.


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