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Don't know where to travel this winter? Here are the close destinations nearby Kathmandu to enjoy snowfall this winter.

Don't know where to travel this winter? Here are the close destinations nearby Kathmandu to enjoy snowfall this winter.


We humans have particular passion and interest depending upon the nature of the individual when it comes to ‘wish-list' or simply bucket list. List in terms of ‘to be accomplished deeds, tasks which may be in the form of adventure, travel, and escapades.’ Be it paragliding from the Everest or climbing high cliffs, jumping with a rope from wobbly suspension bridge humans are inclined to few activities like these to the fullest.

 To be more precise as well as more realistic, people always tend to escape from the busy schedule so that they can skip their mundane as well as boring tasks just for a few hours or days. It's human nature to do so and its damn essential too. Because our body is a machine and we need refreshments in a periodical fashion. Everybody needs a ‘heart-escape’, literally not but skipping the monotonous routine and delve oneself to those incredible moments offered by mother nature seasonally.

 Are you fond of playing with snowflakes, preparing snowman and take a snapshot of it or looking a chance to change your social media DPs [Display Pictures] with the snowy blanket in the backdrop? Sounds familiar? Maybe your warm heart needs a cold " city-escape' from the metropolitan mayhem. If such is the case then it will be worth reading.

 During the mid-winter in Nepal especially during the months of Push and Falgun [last week of Dec to last week of Jan], many places generally above 2000 meters from the sea level witness the snowfall. The amount of snowfall simply varies with the elevation of that place. It means more the altitude, more likely heavy white precipitation.

  Here, in this blog, we will be providing you guys brief but most important information about 7 places to witness live snowfall around Kathmandu, the most happening city of the entire nation, Top Destination and Things to do in Nepal.


Interesting fact:

Rainfall or noticeable drop in mercury level during core winter is more likely to receive snowflakes in most of the hilly parts i.e. above 2000 meters. And when it comes to 3000 meters, it is for sure. One can easily witness the live snowfall, enjoy it as well as can capture to share it to the rest of the world via different social media platforms. :)

Before listing those names, we already assumed that you guys have a vivid idea about the elevation of Kathmandu. If you haven't, then no worries. Kathmandu lies at an altitude ranging from 1200 meters to 1600 meters above from the sea-level. After that, we will have more idea about those places receiving snowfall. If you know, what we mean. :)


7 places nearby Kathmandu to witness Snowfall

1. Phulchoki Trip 

Being the highest point of hills surrounding Kathmandu valley, Phulchoki resides at an elevation of 2762 meters to the south-east of the valley with just 20 kilometers of distance. As its location is accessible in a day, we can see many visitors reaching this place with different purposes. Generally, in other seasons, it serves as the most visited hiking point, cyclists' destination as well as nature lover's hub. Offering grand view of Himalayan ranges from the top, Phuloki stands still as the roof of the Godavari, the nearest botanical garden from the Valley in Lalitpur districts. You can make a visit to Godawari Botanical Garden while making the return from Phulchoki. From there, we not only can see ranges but also to the south we can have the panoramic views of the plains from Terai region of Nepal.

As we all came to know about its altitude, Phulchoki tends to receive a fair amount of snow every winter especially during core winter months. [December to January] Those snowflakes are responsible to make your winter colder as well as whiter too. This hills can be a best one-day snowfall seeing spots around the Kathmandu. Dense vegetation, strange cliffs and forested terrains of Rhododendron are some highlights including snowfall. For your more information, this place can be accessed in any season if you happen to be a bird watcher or keen about wildlife sightseeing.

2. Daman Trip 

If we travel 75 kilometers from Kathmandu via Pharping towards south-west we can reach Daman within few hours. Being situated at an altitude of 2322 meters, Daman is a small village in Makwanpur district. Lately, this settlement is receiving as well as serving more visitors than ever in central Nepal.

One main reason behind its hype among the tourists (both internal as well as external) is ‘snow in winter' beside the stunning views of hills and Himalayan stretch. We can reach there by public buses which happen to move from Kalanki or (Balkhu). We recommend private vehicles or reserved one due to the sorry condition of roads. Besides snowfall in winter, one can have the best opportunity to observe the locals way of life, interaction with the rustic souls of hilly region and more about flora as well as fauna.

3. Kalinchowk Trip 

Of all the 7 places mentioned here, Kalinchok is the most visited snow spot which can be accessible from Kathmandu within one day. But, for your more information it is most suitable for weekend getaways. Located at an elevation of 3842 meters it lies about 150 kilometres to the east of the valley in Dolakha district. For the people who want to experience white winter, high altitude, stunning views and light adventures with small efforts, then this can be a good pick for your winter outing. Moreover, Kalinchowk Bhagwati is also renowned for the pilgrimage site and spiritual destination for Hindus. 
Kalinchowk being the most flocked destination by Nepalese can be reached after six hours drive from Kathmandu via Charikot. At the foothills of Kalinchowk Bhagwati shrine atop, Kuri village is serving as accommodation hub for visitors. It takes about 35 minutes to one hour of a hike to reach to the top of the shrine from Kuri Bazaar. But nowadays, this season there is the provision of Cable Car, being the second cable car facility around the nation after Manakamana Cable Car Pvt. Ltd.

4. Shailung Trip 

Shailung [shaya=100, lung: hills] literally means "land of hundred hillocks". When it comes to winter excursion Kalinchwok is mainstream and overrated, to be franker. Shailung lies both in Dolakha as well as in Ramechhap. In fact, Shailung is the most suitable winter wonderland. 

Its altitude is 3150 meters above from the sea-level and lies to the southwest of Charikot. It is more famous for 100 small hillocks hence the name. Just imagine those 100 pastures being covered with the white snowflakes. It gives goosebumps to any travel bug. No rays of doubt! :)
As like the most of the trekking/hiking destinations in Nepal have religious importance, Shailung has also Shailungeswor Mahadev to worship and pray while breathing the thin and crisp air of Himalayas.

Tip: Kalinchowk is too mainstream, Make it to Shailung.

5. Nagarkot Trip 

Nagarkot, 2175 meters above the sea-level bags the second position when it comes to the altitude of hills surrounding Kathmandu valley. We have to drive about an hour to reach this hill station. This place also receives snowfall as the mercury level drops exponentially every year. Being near and more intimate with visitors around the globe, this hill station is also peculiarly renowned for spectacular sunrise/sunset views hence the more famous among the photo enthusiasts. It offers any visitors a multitude of the hotel as well as cozy and luxurious resorts. Cycling through the narrow trails accompanied by deep woods is also fun in Nagarkot.

6. Chandragiri Trip 

It is the nearest place [7 kilometers away from Thankot] which lies to the south-west of the Kathmandu valley. Last year this place also witnessed accidental snowfall. It lies approximately around 2000 meters above the sea-level.
Chandragiri Temple along with the view of the valley and soaring peaks are some basic highlights of this place. We can visit this place via hiking, 15 minutes long cable car ride, and cycles and sometimes by private vehicles.

7. Bethanchowk, Naranthan Trip 

Bethanchowk is the top of entire Mahabharat range in Nepal. Located at an altitude of 3000 meters in Kavrepalanchowk district it is still underrated as well as the undiscovered hill of central Nepal. From here it is believed that on a fine sunny day one can see up to Janakpur.

During the winter days, the forested and sloppy hills of Bethanchowk always get bedecked with cold snowflakes. Nowadays, local youths from Kabhre and Kathmandu seem to be visiting this spot especially for a nightstand with tents and other necessary stuff. It's a few hours of drive from Kathmandu to Dhungkharkha via Panauti, authentic Newari settlement en route Bethanchwok.

As mentioned as time and again by this time you came to know that places of Nepal mostly above 2000 meters tend to receive the snowfall in core winter. Simply, we can make a visit to above-mentioned places in case of snowfall as these can be easily accessed from the capital.
And if you are expecting heavy snowfall, you can do Trekking in Nepal to some popular destinations of Nepal like Poon Hill, Annapurna Base Camp, Mardi Himal Base Camp, Everest Base Camp Trek etc. ranging from 4000 meters to 5000 meters. However higher altitude trek in core winter is not preferred.

Recommendation about Hiking in winter in Nepal
In comparison to other seasons, winter is generally hard: in a sense it’s cold. On the flipped side, it is more fun to wear warm clothes and in winter mainly appetite is high. Your trip can be one of the best if some considerations are made in time. There are no particular rules to be followed in winter but we can make remind you about certain aspects while traveling in Nepal.

Our recommendations along with tips:
1. Always carry extra jackets and gloves in winter.
2. More pair of socks, more warm foot.
3. Don’t forget to carry toilet paper.
4. A sleeping bag is preferred.
5. Use potable hot water.
6. You are not supposed to throw trashes everywhere instead collect them and throw in concerned place or simply carry back home.

Enjoy and have fun. Wish you all the Snowy Winter days. :)


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